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Camp Sionito was founded in 1948 and is pronounced 'See Uh Neato'. It means "Little Zion" in Spanish.  Sionito is sponsored by the Community of Christ , headquartered in Independence, Missouri.  

Our camps are Christian based, however all children are welcome no matter what, if any, religious affiliation.  We are a camp that promotes communities of Joy, Hope, Love and Peace. We uphold the worth of all people.  


Each camp is directed and staffed by volunteers who have had background checks and have received State mandated training. Many of those who volunteer are teachers and often family members of the campers themselves.  Camper to Counselor ratio is 2 counselors to 6 campers in each air conditioned cabin.  

Additionally, each camp has a nurse who is on staff 24/7, Camp Pastor, certified lifeguards, kitchen staff and camp ground caretakers.  All of these people have had background checks as well.



Cabin Life

Every cabin is staffed by two counselors at all times.  Each cabin is grouped by age and gender.  Boys and girls cabins are separated by a large, open grassy area and all cabins are locked at night. We will always keep friendships in mind when placing campers in cabins.  Be sure to note on your registration if you have a friend you'd like to bunk with!  Each day begins and ends with cabin mates, with a rest time at mid-day for everyone.  Every child has a bunk of their own and each cabin has a full bathroom.  Air conditioning in each cabin makes for comfortable sleeping.  Campers and counselors work together to build relationships with one another, work through any difficulties, and learn to listen with their hearts. A positive, affirming, loving experience is our goal for each child at Camp Sionito.



^Jr. Olympic Swimming Pool

^River activities according to age and water level

^Campfires nightly

^Arts and Crafts

^Camp "Yearbook"

^Daily Theme Class

^Indoor and Outdoor Games

^Cooking Class

^Evening all-camp team building activities


^Canteen (extra cost)

^Two Large Playgrounds

^Basketball and Volleyball courts

^Fossil Hunting

^Many other classes depending on the expertise of each camp's 

volunteer staff.

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