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A Day In the Life of a Camper

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Rise and Shine! 

Flag Raising and Breakfast

The day starts early, so a good breakfast is vital!
Before breakfast we gather around the flagpole, do a quick check of how everyone slept and then cabins take turns learning to properly raise the flags and lead the Pledge of Allegiance.  

Breakfast always consists of something hot like pancakes and bacon, but cereal is always available. Following breakfast, cabins take turns throughout the week to clean up the mess hall.

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Cabin Cleanup and Theme Class

To avoid a week filled with "where's my swim suit?" and "what's this icky stuff in the sink?"  we have cabin cleanup.  It helps keep the kids happy and safe.  There are prizes for the cleanest cabin each day, too!

Following that, the whole camp meets in our covered, outdoor worship setting to learn how to be good stewards of themselves, the earth, and their relationship with others--To honor all humanity, no matter where they came from, what they look like, and no matter where they are on their walk with God.

There's singing, dancing, crafts and conversation.  This class is led by our Camp Pastor.

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Morning Classes

Everyone picks the 3 classes they'd like to participate in, separate from Theme Class.

Classes are age appropriate. 

Fishing, hiking, swimming, games, crafts, singing, archery, yoga, cooking and special projects--there are classes for everyone's interest!

These classes are led by our counselors. 

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Lunch and Rest Period

Lunch is a welcome break from a long morning of fun and friendship! All our meals are kid-friendly, nutritious and homemade.  If you have a picky eater, we keep an eye on them and make sure they eat something--even if it's just peanut butter and jelly.  ​

After lunch it's time to rest.  All campers head back to their cabins for a nap, quiet time, or to just read a book.  Even the Senior High kids look forward to the break from the heat and a chance to regroup.



Swimming and Free Time


Everyone loves a frozen Snickers Bar! Canteen is Camp Sionito's snack bar.  All items are $2 and kids are limited to two items so no one spends too much money on snacks or eating them instead of a good meal.

Swimming is a chance to wind down before evening activities.  Our giant pool and crazy waterslide are always a big draw for the kids.

"I wonder what's for dinner?" can be heard frequently at the pool!

Games, Campfire and Lights Out

​Evening games guarantee lots of laughter.  Silly games where everyone wins!
Campfire is something all kids look forward to.  If there is no Burn Ban in effect, we have an outdoor campfire.  We start with lighthearted camp songs, jokes and news of the day.  More thoughtful songs follow and a prayer of thanksgiving for the day is said at the end.  
All campers head back to their cabins and get ready for bed.  After showers and tooth brushing, is cabin devotions.  A time for contemplation of their day and prayers for those on their hearts.

Lights Out! It's a been a busy day!

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